3:3 is an eco-conscious athleisure brand that invites you to embrace and celebrate your individuality. It encourages you to seek your perfect harmony in the mind, body, and soul.

The brand says: “Welcome to the #333sisterhood, where we love each other for who we are and consistently inspire ourselves to reach our unique divine potential. Listen to the signals and let them guide you in the right direction. 33:3 is not a destination, it’s a journey.”

Linda Liz was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Costa Rica. Her fashion journey began when she left her hometown, San José, and moved to Los Angeles to study at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). She says what characterizes her as a designer is her “purpose-driven vocation and her ability to thrive through innovation.

“I have committed to a sustainable approach in every stage of my brand, from fabrics and techniques in production, while always ensuring to design multifunctional garments in order to empower my customers.

“The essence of the brand is feminine fused with an urban-futuristic twist. 33:3 is an athleisure and swimwear label that focuses on inclusive and adaptive innovation in honor of my sister, Coco.”

Q:What inspired you to start your brand?

33:3 was born in honor of Coco who, besides being my sister, a brave mother and professional, is also an oncology and ostomy patient. While I accompanied her through her healing journey, I felt a need to develop a line that included her needs while also embracing her trend-forward personality. After undergoing an ostomy procedure, she felt ostracized from fashion, and I wanted to make her feel loved and included with 33:3.

Q:Who is your ideal customer?

My ideal customer has a warrior spirit. She is a fashion forward woman that is always on-the-go and prioritizes her physical and spiritual health alongside her fashion.

Q:What is the best thing about your upcoming collection?

Most of the styles in the collection are multi-use and reversible. The versatile nature of R3STOR3D empowers my customers to shine through with their distinctive personalities in a comfortable attire that can guarantee flexibility when combined with other items in their closet.

Q:What are the top 3 skills that fashion entrepreneurs need to have?

1) Embrace who you are as an artist and allow your individual vision to shape the future of fashion – be fearless!

2) Be moldable and open to constructive criticism, but never compromise the brand’s identity.

3) A detail-oriented nature will set you apart. Everything should be purposeful.

Q:What is your advice for those who want to start their own fashion brand?

First and foremost, you need to get a good amount of industry experience—it is crucial that you understand how the apparel business works inside-out. There are certain elemental skillsets that can only be acquired when you immerse yourself in the field.


Source: https://fashionweekonline.com/nyfw-333-by-linda-liz-brand-debut

February 10, 2023 — LINDA DIAZ