Brand Story

I moved from Los Angeles to Miami at the beginning of 2020 to pursue my dreams, clueless to the change in plans God had for my life. At the beginning of the pandemic, my family received the heart shattering news that my sister and life-long best friend, Nicole (Coco) was diagnosed with stage 3C cervical cancer. It broke me. In that same moment of fear, I realized that my sister needed me more than ever. Not the scaredsister, but the supportive, loving and unconditional best friend she had always relied on. I put aside everything, and in the midst of the lockdown started flying to Texas to care for my sister and niece. Life changed in a blink of an eye. I witnessed my sister change physically, emotionally and spiritually. Once chemo and radiation started, we immediately realized that her clothing became inconvenient during her healing journey.

The impotence I felt was overwhelming. I am just a fashion designer, I can not do anything to take this away, but how can I help? My sister was not even going to be able to wear my contemporary brand, this is not going to work!

33:3 was born with the main goal to include my sister’s needs. I sat down with her to listen to all her complaints. Together we started designing with a problem-solving mentality, but never losing focus of style. When we started thinking about this inclusive line, it was a dream, perhaps a distraction of our reality. Time passed and she got sicker, we spent weeks after weeks in the hospital. Radiation had damaged her organs and an ileostomy ended up saving her life. I felt grateful to still have my sister, but in all her worries, one was clear, her clothes. She cried countless times telling me she never could wear “cute” clothes again, goodbye to her staple crop tops. “Don’t worry, I swear I’ll make beautiful clothes for you”, it was a no brainer for me. I started designing a line for ostomies, and it didn’t fit, it wasn’t her, it wasn’t me. I shared my frustration with her, and she had the genius idea to just keep the same collection I designed for her and adjust it for her new needs. At that moment I realized; it wasn’t about making an exclusive line for her. She felt excluded as it is and my purpose was to make her feel exactly the opposite. During these challenging times in our lives, we find peace in God. We are seeking purpose through our pain, in hopes we can also help someone else in their journey. As my sister’s health continues to improve, I will look for ways to provide solutions through her new needs.

Meet The Creative Director

Linda Liz Diaz is a designer born in Puerto Rico and raised in Costa Rica. Her journey in fashion began when, at the age of eighteen, she de- cided to move to Los Angeles, California, with the dream of one day becoming an innovative designer. He was educated at the prominent Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) design school, from which he graduated with honors. During her college years, she traveled to Paris, Milan and Hong Kong to learn from industry experts and build, from these experiences, the criteria and style that now inspire her work. The "BoriTica" is characterized by its corporate facet. He excelled in the fashion industry in Los Angeles, becoming Chief Designer of the denim department for Democ- racy and Wit & Wisdom.

Linda Liz Diaz

Her life took a turn when, in early 2020, her sister and best friend, Nicole (Coco) was diagnosed with cancer. The strong bond that unites them from that moment on gave them the strength to face the diffi culties they experienced during the process. This sparked an idea for Linda, an idea that became 33: 3 by Linda Liz. The inspira- tion comes from Coco and her needs, with the purpose of creating innovative pieces that are inclusive for warriors with ostomies and onco- logical diagnosis. The brand seeks to empower all warriors who fi ght cancer every day.

Linda Liz designs a brand universe characterized by athleisure comfort and versatility. Every detail of the designs has a strategic purpose to optimize the use of each piece and also to do so in an environmentally responsible way.