Welcome to the #333sisterhood – A space where we uplift and inspire each other to unlock our unique divine potential. 33:3 isn't simply about reaching a destination; it's about the journey of embracing our collective spirit.

At its core, 33:3 is an athleisure and swimwear brand tailored for the warrior spirit in each of us. We cater to the dynamic woman, one who seamlessly blends her quest for physical and spiritual wellness with her innate sense of fashion. Our brand essence? A harmonious blend of feminine charm intertwined with an urban-futuristic edge.

We are committed to be at the forefront of inclusive, adaptive innovation. From the outset, 33:3 pledged allegiance to a sustainable future. We place innovation at the heart of our designs, opting for recycled yarns, versatile cuts, and double sublimated prints that minimize environmental harm. Say goodbye to harmful dyes and chemicals, and hello to a brighter, cleaner future.

Every piece we craft is multifunctional and reversible, designed to expand your wardrobe possibilities and enhance the longevity of each style. We invite you to reimagine fashion, challenging you to think creatively about how you wear each piece. Join us in celebrating your individuality, as you pursue the harmony of the trinity: mind, body, and soul.

The Birth of 33:3: From Adversity to Inspiration

In early 2020, as I left the familiarity of Los Angeles to pursue my dreams in Miami, I couldn't have anticipated the twist fate had in store. With the world grappling with an unprecedented pandemic, my family was hit with a personal tragedy: My sister Coco's diagnosis with stage 3C cervical cancer. Coco, my lifelong anchor, was now in the midst of a battle that would transform both our lives profoundly.

It was during these challenging times that I recognized the true essence of sisterhood. As Coco embarked on her physically and emotionally treatment journey, the inadequacies in her wardrobe became glaringly apparent. Her comfort and confidence, something I'd always sought to enhance through my fashion brand, were now of paramount importance.

From this urgent need, 33:3 was born, not merely as a fashion line but as a symbol of resilience, inclusivity, and profound love. Instead of designing an entirely new collection for Coco's altered needs, we decided to adapt my existing designs, ensuring they retained their essence while meeting her new requirements. This wasn't just about Coco; it was about everyone who felt marginalized due to their ostomy procedure. We sought to bridge the gap between style and inclusivity.

With faith as our guiding light, our journey evolved into something larger than us. Proudly, 33:3 became the first fashion brand to offer matching ostomy cover bags, seamlessly blending fashion with functionality. Today, 33:3 stands as a testament to human spirit and determination.

Through the highs and lows, our bond of sisterhood has deepened, reminding us that while each of us has our unique challenges, facing them together makes us stronger. It's not just about fashion; it's about unity, understanding, and lifting each other up, no matter the journey.

Meet The Creative Director: Linda Liz Diaz

Born in Puerto Rico and raised by Costa Rica's spirited culture, Linda Liz Diaz has carved her niche in the fashion domain. Her journey led her to Los Angeles, a city where her design dreams began to take shape. At the esteemed Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), Linda Liz honed her skills in International Manufacturing and Product Development. Further, she dedicated herself to eco-conscious fashion at Marangoni Miami. In Her unique academic path laid the groundwork for her innovative design philosophy. Throughout her studies, she ventured to renowned fashion epicenters like Paris, Milan, and Hong Kong, gaining invaluable insights from industry frontrunners. Her diverse experiences and knowledge position Linda Liz as a truly distinctive and multifaceted designer.

Quickly ascending in LA's competitive fashion scene, Linda took on key roles, including serving as the Chief Designer of the denim department for recognized brands like Democracy and Wit & Wisdom. However, 2020 presented an unexpected pivot in her design journey. Inspired by her sister Coco's resilience in the face of cancer, Linda Liz envisioned 33:3. With the brand being rooted in compassion and understanding, 33:3 became the first fashion brand to integrate ostomy cover bags in their assortment. It's far from just a specialized line, at its core, the brand is a heartfelt tribute to Linda's sister, Coco.

In her collections, Linda Liz merged the ease of athleisure with intricate, multi-wear functional design. Her meticulous attention to detail stems from a desire to create pieces that empower every woman to feel fearless and at their absolute best. To Linda, fashion is more than just aesthetics; it's a tool to inspire confidence and celebrate individuality.