33:3 by Linda Liz debuted as part of Flying Solo’s runway show during New York Fashion Week. The brand was created with the woman who has a warrior spirit.

The essence of the brand is feminine fused with an urban-futuristic twist. 33:3 is an athleisure and swimwear brand that focuses on inclusive, adaptive innovation, and sustainability. The pieces are designed to be multifunctional and reversible that not only expand your wardrobe, but also the lifespan of each style. 

“R3stor3d” is the name of the collection that is inspired in the healing that redirects the obstacles conquered into intentional actions that equips people to navigate the journey of becoming and fulfill your divine self. The color pallet was a refreshing combination of opal blue and pale peach contrasted with monotone strong tones inspired by embracing our graceful yet empowering divine femininity. 

“33:3 is here to embrace and celebrate your individuality as you seek perfect harmony within your mind, body, and soul,” said Linda Liz.

The brand was born in honor of Linda Liz’s younger sister Coco who, besides being a sister, a brave mother and professional, is also an oncology and ostomy patient. Linda Liz felt the need to develop a line that made her feel included while also embracing her trend-forward personality. After undergoing an ostomy procedure, she felt ostracized from fashion, and she wanted to make her feel loved and included with 33:3. Now, Coco and other warriors like her can confidently style their ostomy bag with their attire.

November 07, 2023 — LINDA DIAZ