Costa Rica Fashion Week , in its twentieth edition, shared the union of Latin American synergies . Eight designers presented their collection on the first day of activities, managing to highlight garments loaded with colorful and graphic elements that brought dynamism to the catwalk. 

The Costa Rican talent was accompanied by designers Mario Barboza, Linda Liz, INA and Tailoring Trianda; from the Dominican Republic were Isla & White and Guannina Azzar; Colombia represented by Beatriz Camacho and by Spain Juan Carlos Mese, creative director of Angel Shelesser.

The latter was in charge of opening the catwalk with his Catarsis collection with which he aims to internationalize and be able to export his product by championing his leather pieces made with recycled materials or waste leather.

For her part , Linda Liz presented a collection for her brand 33.3 whose purpose is to be inclusive and that all kinds of women can use it . During the runway it was possible to see different models with versatile silhouettes and sportswear with reversible linings made with ecological fabrics. 

Marianela Sandí , from the Tailoring Triana brand , stood out by presenting her Renaissance collection, which is characterized by having garments inspired by the great pause that occurred due to the pandemic . The vibrant and daring  colors monopolized the prominence of her.

The closure was in charge of Giannina Azzar with a collection that she defined as “Too much” . The garments recharged with Swarovski crystals were worn with predominant colors between black, red, blue and white. 

Costa Rica Fashion Week will continue to offer the best of national and international fashion in an event that will mark the history of its celebration. The twentieth edition will combine the best of the industry taking into account the best representatives of Latin America in one place. 

January 25, 2023 — LINDA DIAZ